Le 18/08/2013 14:51, Siddhartha Jana a écrit :

If all the above works and does not return errors (you should check that
your application's PID is in /dev/cpuset/socket0/tasks while running),
bind-to-core won't clash with it, at least when using a OMPI that uses
hwloc for binding (v1.5.2 or later if I remember correctly).
My concern is that hwloc is used before the application begins executing and so mpirun might use it to bind the application to different cores than the ones I want them to bind to.

Ah right, they could be a problem here. MPI can bind at two different times: inside mpirun after ssh before running the actual program (this one would ignore your cpuset), later at MPI_Init inside your program (this one will ignore your cpuset only if you call MPI_Init before creating the cpuset).

I'll let OMPI people give more details about this.