I suspect it has fallen stale as the Java bindings are being reworked as we speak. I hope to see them committed back to the trunk shortly.

On Jul 20, 2013, at 10:01 PM, Saliya Ekanayake <esaliya@gmail.com> wrote:


I obtained the nightly build openmpi-1.9a1r28881 (on 7/19/13) and built it with java enabled using,

./configure --enable-mpi-java --prefix=/N/u/sekanaya/build

Then I wrote a simple MPI program to print the rank of the process, following user guide from http://www.open-mpi.org/papers/mpi-java-spec/

I built my code using mpijavac and then tried running it as,

mpirun -np 2 java Main

where Main is my class name (not in a package) and I was running inside the folder containing Main.class.

I get the following error when doing so,

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /N/u/sekanaya/build/lib/libmpi_java.so.0.0.0: /N/u/sekanaya/build/lib/libmpi.so.0: undefined symbol: opal_maffinity_setup

Any suggestion on fixing this?

Thank you in advance,


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