Attached is the message list for rank 0 for the communication step that is failing.  There are about 160 isends and irecvs.  The ‘message size’ is actually a number of cells.  On some steps only one 8-byte word per cell is communicated, at another step we exchange 7 words, and another step we exchange 21 words.  You can see the smallest is 10 cells, the largest around 1000 cells.


Thus for the 7-word communication step, the smallest messages are 560 bytes, the largest are 56000 bytes, and there is a distribution of sizes.  For the single-word communication step, the size distribution would be from 80 bytes to 8000 and for the 21-word step it would be from 1680 to 168000 bytes.


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Ed, how large are the messages that you are sending and receiving?



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It ran a bit longer but still deadlocked.  All matching sends are posted 1:1with posted recvs so it is a delivery issue of some kind.  I'm running a debug compiled version tonight to see what that might turn up.  I may try to rewrite with blocking sends and see if that works.  I can also try adding a barrier (irecvs, barrier, isends, waitall) to make sure sends are not buffering waiting for recvs to be posted.



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Im not sure but there might be a case where the BTL is getting overwhelmed by the nob-blocking operations while trying to setup the connection. There is a simple test for this. Add an MPI_Alltoall with a reasonable size (100k) before you start posting the non-blocking receives, and let's see if this solves your issue.


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> An update: I recoded the mpi_waitall as a loop over the requests with
> mpi_test and a 30 second timeout.  The timeout happens unpredictably,
> sometimes after 10 minutes of run time, other times after 15 minutes, for
> the exact same case.
> After 30 seconds, I print out the status of all outstanding receive
> requests.  The message tags that are outstanding have definitely been
> sent, so I am wondering why they are not getting received?
> As I said before, everybody posts non-blocking standard receives, then
> non-blocking standard sends, then calls mpi_waitall. Each process is
> typically waiting on 200 to 300 requests. Is deadlock possible via this
> implementation approach under some kind of unusual conditions?
> Thanks again,
> Ed
>> I'm running OpenMPI 1.6.4 and seeing a problem where mpi_waitall never
>> returns.  The case runs fine with MVAPICH.  The logic associated with the
>> communications has been extensively debugged in the past; we don't think
>> it has errors.   Each process posts non-blocking receives, non-blocking
>> sends, and then does waitall on all the outstanding requests.
>> The work is broken down into 960 chunks. If I run with 960 processes (60
>> nodes of 16 cores each), things seem to work.  If I use 160 processes
>> (each process handling 6 chunks of work), then each process is handling 6
>> times as much communication, and that is the case that hangs with OpenMPI
>> 1.6.4; again, seems to work with MVAPICH.  Is there an obvious place to
>> start, diagnostically?  We're using the openib btl.
>> Thanks,
>> Ed
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