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Hi everyone,

I want to install OpenMPI on LSF cluster in our organization. I am not proficient with Linux/LSF, and some of my questions might be from lack of understanding of the system, and not related to OpenMPI directly.

So far I found these bits of information on the site of OpenMPI

1. OpenMPI support for 1.6 seems to be broken, and was fixed maybe in 1.7?

It is indeed fixed in 1.7 - we will look at backporting a fix to 1.6

2. The installation on LSF is supposed to be easy:

So I'm told - I've never tried it myself.

My questions are:

1. What is the latest stable version that is known to integrate in a native way with LSF?

I presume the 1.4 series

2. When building with LSF support, in what directory should I run the ./configure and makes scripts from? Should I be logined into one of the hosts of LSF cluster? 

You need to be on a node where LSF libraries have been installed so we can link against them

3. Will these scripts copy openmpi shared libraries into each host on the cluster? 

No - you either have to install to an NFS mount, or copy them yourself

4. Where will the mpi compiler be after the installation? What include pathes and libraries should I add to my C++ project to compile a simple MPI program?

It will be in whatever prefix you give to configure, under the "bin" subdirectory. There will be a wrapper compiler that you can use to build your program

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