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Thanks for the replay.

Could anyone tell me was MR+ released already, and if so, where it is?

Sadly, Greenplum has been unable to get it released for a variety of reasons.

Does it mean that it will not be released any time soon or it is just delayed?

Unclear - the company isn't really committed to it, so it has been relegated to the "long-term, low-priority" category. In other words, nothing is happening. :-(

Could change, and I hear that others may implement the concept given GP's inability to complete it.

Also, are they still plan to release it as an open source software or that is also threaten?

It would be open source. The OMPI part of it is already in the OMPI developer's trunk - it's only the Hadoop integration that is missing.

You can run a MapReduce job just fine with OMPI as it sits - you just can't use the Apache MR classes. So if you want to write your own mapper/reducer, you can just execute it using mpirun with a few options that tell it to use a MR-like flow.

If not, how can I get early adopter's version?

It would definitely qualify as "early adopter" at this stage. I'll see what I can do.

 Thank you.


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