From: Jakub Nowacki <>
Subject: [OMPI users] Greenplum's MR+
Date: April 10, 2013 3:00:25 AM PDT
To: Open MPI Users <>
Reply-To: Open MPI Users <>


I am currently testing OpenMPI applications running on SLURM and I wanted to test the MapReduce integration but I have trouble finding the actual MR+ package. Namely, both on your and SLURM there are some informations about MR+, some of them relatively old,  but I could not find any actual software package being available. I have been to Greenplum's web page but their MR product is some remix of MapR, not the MR+ on OpenMPI.


Could anyone tell me was MR+ released already, and if so, where it is?

Sadly, Greenplum has been unable to get it released for a variety of reasons.

If not, how can I get early adopter's version?

It would definitely qualify as "early adopter" at this stage. I'll see what I can do.

Many thanks for the help.



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