Check if iptables or some other firewall is running. Configure mpirun with --enable-debug and then add "-mca plm_base_verbose 10" to your cmd line to see if the remote daemon is communicating back correctly.

On Mar 24, 2013, at 1:50 PM, Baptiste Robert <> wrote:

Hi everybody !

Here's my problem. I've installed openmpi on my two machines running on fedora 17. I've set the path and LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly, mpirun and mpicc work on the two machines without trouble.

My problem is when I try to run the helloWorld on all node through ssh (already configure with certificate) nothing append, I've to kill mpi to get the prompt back.

I launched this command : mpirun -d -host myRemoteNode -n 2 hello_c
And this give me :

[baptiste@baptiste RE51]$ mpirun -d -hostfile hosts hello_c 
[baptiste.thinkFed:02666] procdir: /tmp/openmpi-sessions-baptiste@baptiste.thinkFed_0/53471/0/0
[baptiste.thinkFed:02666] jobdir: /tmp/openmpi-sessions-baptiste@baptiste.thinkFed_0/53471/0
[baptiste.thinkFed:02666] top: openmpi-sessions-baptiste@baptiste.thinkFed_0
[baptiste.thinkFed:02666] tmp: /tmp
[roommateServer:01102] procdir: /tmp/openmpi-sessions-baptiste@roommateServer_0/53471/0/1
[roommateServer:01102] jobdir: /tmp/openmpi-sessions-baptiste@roommateServer_0/53471/0
[roommateServer:01102] top: openmpi-sessions-baptiste@roommateServer_0
[roommateServer:01102] tmp: /tmp

And nothing else. But if I run the hello_c on a single machine, separately, the job is done and work well.

If anyone have an idea it would be awesome.. I don't have a clue why it isn't work.

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