Yes, sure. My point is just that "strongly discouraged" (as per the FAQ) is different from "simply will not work at all". I find that a bit confusing, especially since in other areas of the FAQ, explicit workarounds are stated, e.g. on how to build a Makefile rule to extract flags from an mpiwrapper to pass them to the compiler manually (which is in exactly the same way "strongly discouraged". Maybe adding something like "is strongly discouraged and may not even work in certain cases, especially with Fortran" can help.


On 03/13/2013 11:37 AM, Paul Kapinos wrote:

AFAIK the GNU people change the Fotran Module syntax every time they get any chance for doing it :-(

So openmpi compiled with  4.4.6 (sys-default for RHEL 6.x) definitely does not work with 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 versions of gfortran.

Intel 'ifort' compiler build modules which are compatible from 11.x through 13.x versions.

So, the recommended solution is to build an own  version of Open MPI with any compiler you use.


P.S. As Hristo said, changing the Fortran compiler vendor and using the precompiled Fortran header would never work: the syntax of these .mod files is not standatised at all.

On 03/13/13 11:05, Iliev, Hristo wrote:
However, it works if for example you configure Open MPI with the system supplied
version of gfortran and then specify a later gfortran version, e.g.
OMPI_FC=gfortran-4.7 (unless the module format has changed in the meantime).

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