I am a new OpenMPI user. We are planing to move from IBM AIX POE to OpenMPI.
I had noproblem to install, configure, and compile my application, using OpenMPI 1.1.2.
(thank you, for making it so easy).
"ompi_inf -all" runs fine (see attached ompi_info.txt file), my application runs with no problem,
except it only create rank 0. for example if I
       >> mpirun  -np 4  my-prog arg1  arg2
I expect mpirun start 4 processes on local host with ranks 0,1,2, and 3.
I see 4 processes started with rank 0 (see  attahed mpirun_log.txt file).
The behavior is the same, regardless of using local host, or using -host file or -app file.
In all cases correct number of the processes starts on local or remote nodes as specified, with rank 0 for all process.
Note: I have no problem running this application on IBM AIX using POE.
I know this must be new user's problem.
Any comments