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Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it.
I am using an old version 1.4.3. for my code. If I only type $./configure,  it will compile, but I have no idea where it is installed. I typed $ find /lib -name "libopen-pal.so.0", but it shows nothing. Do you thinks it is caused since I am not a root user or the old version.


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Am 13.11.2012 um 15:44 schrieb huaibao zhang:

I installed OpenMPI on my Ubuntu 64 bit desktop. At first, I did not specify "prefix", so even I've installed it. I could not find where it is. Since the "PATH" and "LD" have to be given, the mpicc can find the "lib open-pal.so.0" file.

You mean "...can't find..."? If you use the default location, it should have the correct settings already even without adding any path to PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

You can use:

$ find /lib -name "libopen-pal.so.0"

to spot the location. But I wonder about the version. The actual one seems to be libopen-pal.so.4 -> libopen-pal.so.4.0.3 - which version are you using?

-- Reuti
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