Where is the crash?  Without that info, I'd suggest turning off all the optimisations and just compile it without any flags other than what you need to compile it cleanly (so no /O flags) and see if it crashes. 


On 26/10/2012 10:27 AM, Mathieu Gontier wrote:
Dear all, 

I am willing to use OpenMPI on Windows for a CFD instead of  MPICH2. My solver is developed if Fortran77 and piloted by a C++ interface; the both levels call MPI functions. 

So, I installed OpenMPI-1.6.2-x64 on my system and compiled my code successfully. But, at the runtime it crashed. 
I reproduced the problem into a small C application calling a Fortran function using MPI_Allreduce; when I removed some aggressive optimization options from the Fortran, it worked:

So, I removed the same options from the Fortran parts of my solver, but it still crashes. I tried some others, but it still continues crashing. Does anybody has an idea? Should I (de)activate some compilation options? Is there some properties to build and link against libmpi_f77.lib?

Thanks for your help. 

Mathieu Gontier
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