I just tried to use Open MPI 1.7a1r27416 on a Cray XE6 system. Unfortunately I get the following error when I run a simple HelloWorldMPI program:

$ pirun HelloWorldMPI

App launch reported: 2 (out of 2) daemons - 0 (out of 32) procs


[unset]:_pmi_alps_get_appLayout:pmi_alps_get_apid returned with error: Bad file descriptor

[nid01766:20603] mca_oob_tcp_init: unable to create IPv4 listen socket: Unable to open a TCP socket for out-of-band communications


The installation was configured with the following command:

./configure --with-platform=contrib/platform/lanl/cray_xe6/optimized-nopanasas --prefix=$HOME/bin/mpi/openmpi/1.7a1r27416

I would be very happy if anybdy has an idea, what I could have missed during installation/runtime.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards



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