I have an application which calls MPI_Probe. Strangely enough, the call leads to a crash with signal 6.

I am using OpenMPI-1.6, built using gcc-4.6, running on Linux-3.23.

For reference, I am attaching four snapshots:

(1). opal-list-H: The assertion which seems to have caused signal 6 in file opal_list.h (http://goo.gl/P5pWJ)
(2). stack-trace: The relevant stack-trace, (http://goo.gl/HW0kM)
(3). watch-expressions: Related watch expressions in the debugger window (http://goo.gl/ejl7d)
(4). top-level-call: The point in the user-application where MPI_Probe is called (http://goo.gl/Jm4Rm)

I do not understand the cause, and I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot.