Pretty simple, really:

mpiexec -np 64 binary_executable < input_filename > output_filename 

is all you need. We'll pickup the allocation automatically and do all that is required

On Sep 13, 2012, at 12:37 AM, wrote:

Hello Openmpi,

I have Torque integrated with Moab cluster.We use msub command with intel mpi . I submit parallel job by using below two scripts.

$ cat
msub -V -N  name_of_job   -q  normal64c  -l nodes=8:ppn=8  -d  directory_path   -e  directory_path/err   ./submit2

$ cat
cat $PBS_NODEFILE |uniq > temp.1
mpdboot -n `cat temp.1|wc -l` -f temp.1 -r ssh -v
mpiexec -genv  I_MPI_DEVICE  rdma -envall  -np  64    binary_executable  < input_filename > output_filename

We have infiniband interconnection. I have compiled openmpi-1.6 with below options

$ ./configure --prefix=/home/bharati/software/openmpi CC=icc CXX=icpc F77=mpif90 --with-tm=/usr/src/torque-2.4.8/src/ --with-openib=/usr

May I know how can I do the same with openmpi?

Thanks & Regards
Bharati Singh

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