The Open MPI potentially uses WMI to launch remote processes, so the WMI has to be configured correctly. There are two links talking about how to set it up in README.WINDOWS file:


For testing whether it works or not, you can use following command:
wmic /node:remote_node_ip process call create notepad.exe

then log onto the other Windows, check in the task manager if the notepad.exe process is created (don't forget to delete it afterwards).

If that works, this command will also work:
mpirun -np 2 -host host1 host2 notepad.exe

Please try to run the above two test commands, if they all works you application should also work. Just let me know if you have any question or trouble with that.


On 2012-07-03 8:53 PM, VimalMathew@eaton.com wrote:



I’m trying to run an MPI code using processes on a remote machine.

I’ve connected the 2 machines using a crossover cable and they are communicating with each other(I’m getting ping replies and I can access drives on one another).


When I run mpiexec –host system_name MPI_Test.exe, I get the following error:


C:\OpenMPI\openmpi-1.6\build\Debug>mpiexec -host SOUMIWHP4500449 MPI_Test.exe

connecting to SOUMIWHP4500449



Save Credential?(Y/N) N

[SOUMIWHP5003567:01728] Could not connect to namespace cimv2 on node SOUMIWHP450

0449. Error code =-2147023174


mpiexec was unable to start the specified application as it encountered an error


More information may be available above.


[SOUMIWHP5003567:01728] [[38316,0],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: A message is attempting to

be sent to a process whose contact information is unknown in file ..\..\..\open

mpi-1.6\orte\mca\rml\oob\rml_oob_send.c at line 145

[SOUMIWHP5003567:01728] [[38316,0],0] attempted to send to [[38316,0],1]: tag 1

[SOUMIWHP5003567:01728] [[38316,0],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: A message is attempting to

be sent to a process whose contact information is unknown in file ..\..\..\open

mpi-1.6\orte\orted\orted_comm.c at line 126


Could anyone tell me what I’m missing?


I’ve configured MPI on VS Express 2010 and I’m able to run MPI programs on one system.

On the other computer, I pasted the MPI_Test.exe file in the same location as the calling computer.




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