>    mpif90 my_application.f90 -o my_application

Yes, as I told you out of make file, it works.
The problem is something strange in the make file.

I tested many different ways again, like adding all parameters from "mpif9- --showme" to the make file.
Again , it does not work.
I really don’t understand what the problem is.

any other suggestion??

>    mpif90 my_application.f90 -o my_application --showme

> Also make sure of two things:

> 1. The mpif90 is the one you think it is (e.g., run "which mpif90" and ensure that you're getting the "right" mpif90)

>2. Ensure that your Open MPI has f90 support compiled in.  Run "ompi_info | grep -i fort" and look at the output to ensure that your OMPI installation >has F90 support compiled in.

I tested both of them. They seem good.