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I would like to start a single process without mpirun and then use MPI_Comm_spawn to start up as many processes as required. I don't want the parent process to take up any resources, so I tried to disconnect the inter communicator and then finalize mpi and exit the parent. But as soon as I do that the children exit too. Why is that? Can I somehow change that behavior? Or can I wait on the children to exit without the waiting taking up CPU time?

The reason I don't need the parent as soon as the children are spawned, is that I need one intra-communicator over all processes. And as far as I know I cannot join the parent and children to one intra-communicator.
You could use MPI_Intercomm_merge to create an intra-communicator out of the groups in an inter-communicator and pass the inter-communicator you get back from the MPI_Comm_spawn call.


The purpose of the whole exercise is that I want that my program to use all cores of a node by default when executed without mpirun.

I have tested this with OpenMPI 1.4.5. A sample program is here: http://pastebin.com/g2XSZwvY . "Child finalized" is only printed with the sleep(2) in the parent not commented out.


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