On 6/6/2012 4:38 AM, Siegmar Gross wrote:

I compiled "openmpi-1.6" on "Solaris 10 sparc", "Solaris 10 x86",
and Linux (openSuSE 12.1) with "Sun C 5.12". Today I searched my
log-files for "WARNING" and found the following message.

WARNING: **************************************************************
WARNING: *** VampirTrace cannot be built due to your STL appears to
WARNING: *** be broken.
WARNING: *** Please try again re-configuring Open MPI with using
WARNING: *** the STLport4 by adding the compiler flag -library=stlport4
WARNING: *** Pausing to give you time to read this message...
WARNING: **************************************************************

With this recommendation I could configure and build VampirTrace
support. Perhaps somebody can add this option as default to
"configure" for "Sun C 5.12" on Solaris and Linux.
STLport4 should *not* be the default in cases that VT is not built for OMPI with Oracle compilers.  I imagine that the configure code can be bent to detect that VT is going to be built and default to STLport4 but I vaguely recollect this is easier said than done.

I'll open a ticket on this issue but I am not going to promise this will be addressed anytime soon unless someone else decides to take a crack at this issue.

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