>> Hi again
>> I found only one SRPM: http://www.open-mpi.org/~jsquyres/unofficial/openmpi-1.6-2.src.rpm
>> I successfully tested
>> rpmbuild --rebuild openmpi-1.6-2.src.rpm
>> (passed GZDIO step) on x86_64 CentOS5.8, CentOS6.2, and SLES10sp2.
>> Good!

>Excellent -- many thanks for the help.

>I updated the following SRPMs on the OMPI site:

>- 1.6
>- 1.4.5
>- 1.5.5

>All of these were built with new versions of RPM and defaulted to SHA1 checksums. So I build them with the MD5 checksums and put out -2 versions of those SRPMs.

Thanx a lot!
1.4.5 & 1.5.5 are indeed in -2 on OMPI site and I tested them OK.

But as of now 1.6 seems to be still in non working -1 version though.

Stephane Rouberol