Hi Bradi,

Yes, as you are on an XP machine, the io forwarding is not working for Open MPI. So you won't see the remote output from the local command windows. The only way is to direct the output into a file, for example: mpirun -n 2 app.exe > output.txt . This will generate the output file on remote computer under the same path where you run on local computer.


On 2012-04-15 10:11 AM, Bradi Rares wrote:
I have 2 windows Xp computers connected through an ethernet network. I have installed openMPI using the windows installer OpenMPI_v1.5.4-1_win32.exe on every computer. I have set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to "C:\Program Files\OpenMPI_v1.5.4-win32\lib" (this is the directory where the installation extracted my files)
and the PATH "C:\Program Files\OpenMPI_v1.5.4-win32\bin". I have configured the 2 computers so that I can launch processes remotely. The command used to launch the process is
mpirun -H Cooler.lan,mugiwara-4adeb0 -n 2 MPI1.exe
where the program simply outputs the rank and the processor name.
My problem is that the output is not collected to the stdout of the rank 0 process. On the remote machine I simply see that the process is launched and when execution finishes is destroyed. I want to find a solution to this , because I have no ideea what could be causing this. Please if you could suggest a solution to my problem I would be very thankful.
The process can be launched locally with success. ethNode1.txt contains the ipconfig /all on node 1, ompi_infoNode1.txt contains the result of command ompi_info -v ompi full --parsable and ompi_info.txt the result of ompi_info -all command.

Thank-you in advance.
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