I mean the node that I run mpirun command from. I use condor as a scheduler but I need to benchmark the cluster either from condor or directly from open MPI. when I ran mpirun from a machine and checking the memory status for the three machines that I have it appear that the memory usage increased just in the same machine.


> From: reuti@staff.uni-marburg.de
> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 15:12:17 +0200
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> Subject: Re: [OMPI users] Can not run a parallel job on all the nodes in the cluster
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> Am 27.03.2012 um 23:46 schrieb Hameed Alzahrani:
> > When I run any parallel job I get the answer just from the submitting node
> what do you mean by submitting node: you use a queuing system - which one?
> -- Reuti
> > even when I tried to benchmark the cluster using LINPACK but it look like the job just working on the submitting node is there a way to make openMPI send the job equally to all the nodes depending on the number of processor in the current mode even if I specify that the job should use 8 processor it look like openMPI use the submitting node 4 processors instead of using the other processors. I tried also --host but it does not work correctly in benchmarking the cluster so does any one use openMPI in benchmarking a cluster or does any one knows how to make openMPI divids the parallel job equally to every processor on the cluster.
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