What Jeff means is that because u didn't have echo "mpirun...>>outfile" but  
echo mpirun....>>outfile ,
you were piping the output to the outfile instead of stdout. 

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On Feb 29, 2012, at 8:44 PM, Syed Ahsan Ali <ahsanshah01@gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry Jeff I couldn't get you point.

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 4:27 PM, Jeffrey Squyres <jsquyres@cisco.com> wrote:
On Feb 29, 2012, at 2:17 AM, Syed Ahsan Ali wrote:

> [pmdtest@pmd02 d00_dayfiles]$ echo ${MPIRUN} -np ${NPROC} -hostfile $i{ABSDIR}/hostlist -mca btl sm,openib,self --mca btl_openib_use_srq 1 ./hrm >> ${OUTFILE}_hrm 2>&1
> [pmdtest@pmd02 d00_dayfiles]$

Because you used >> and 2>&1, the output when to your ${OUTFILE}_hrm file, not stdout.

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