Hi Shaandar,

this is not a simple question! If you want to bring your cluster into the Grid, you first have to decide which Grid, because the different Grids use different Grid softwares. Having taken this decision, I would recommend to look onto the wen page of this Grid community, usually you can find here instructions on how to integrate your cluster into their Grid. Dependend on the Grid software used, these instructions can be really very different, therefore I cannot be more precise here and now. If you are deciding for a Grid which is using the Globus software, feel free to contact me for further question. In the case of Globus I can help you...

Best wishes


I have two Beowulf clusters (both Ubuntu 10.10, one is OpenMPI, one is MPICH2).
They run separately in their local network environment.I know there is a way to integrate them through Internet, presumably by Grid software,
I guess. Is there any tutorial to do this?

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