Hi Tal,

The released Windows binaries are built only for Microsoft VS compilers.

If you want to use gcc and g++, you have to build Open MPI by yourself using CMake.  Just select "MSYS Makefiles" as the generator, you can build binaries under MinGW. Please note that, this is only supported for 32bit MinGW, and there may be run-time problems, as it is still experimental.


On 2012-02-26 7:33 AM, Tal Regev wrote:
Hi all,
I am using windows 7 64 bit,
and i want to compile with mpicc and mpic++.
i download OpenMPI_v1.5.4-1_win32.exe
and when i compile with it, it say i need lc.exe.
there is a way to config mpicc and mpic++ to use customize compiler?
I want that mpicc.exe will use mingw gcc -> gcc.exe
and mpic++ will use mingw g++ -> g++.exe.
can you help me what I need to do?

thx Tal.

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