Hello All,

I am trying to find out how many separate connections are opened by MPI as messages are sent. Basically, I have threaded-MPI calls to a bunch of different MPI processes (who, in turn have threaded MPI calls).

The point is, with every thread added, are new ports opened (even if the sender-receiver pairs already have a connection between them)?

Is there any way to find out? I went through MPI APIs, and the closest thing I found was related to cartographic information. This is not sufficient, since this only tells me the logical connections (or does it)?

Reading Open MPI FAQ, I thought adding "--mca btl self,sm,tcp --mca btl_base_verbose 30 -display-map" to mpirun would help. But I am not getting what I need. Basically, I want to know how many ports each process is accessing (reading as well as writing).

Basically, at the heart of it, is the scalability of our application.

Well, I think there must be plenty of people who would have dealt with the same question.

Opening up sniffers may not be possible for me, since I am expected to run MPI applications on a cluster, where I do not have privileges.

Does anyone know where to look?


Devendra Rai