Hi everyone,

may I have your help on a strange problem?

High performance computing is new to me and I have not much idea about OpenMPI and OpenFoam (OF) which uses the “mpirun” command.

I have to support the OF application in my company and have been trying to find the problem since about 1 week.

The versions are openmpi-1.3.2 and OF 2.0.1 which are running on openSUSE 11.3 x86_64.

The computer is brand new, has 96 GB RAM, 12 CPUs and was installed with Linux some weeks ago.

I installed OF 2.0.1 according to the vendors instructions at http://www.openfoam.org/archive/2.0.1/download/suse.php.


Here the problem:

The experienced user tested the OF with a test case out of one of the vendors tutorials.

He only used the computing power of his local machine “caelde04” , no other computers were accessed by mpirun.


He found no problem when testing in single “processor mode” but in “multiprocessor mode” his calculations hangs when he distributes

the calculations to more than 2 CPUs. The OF vendor thinks this is an OpenMPI problem somehow and that is why I am trying to get

help from this forum here.

I attached 2 files, one is the “decomposeParDict” which resides in the “system” subdirectory of his test case and the other is the log file

from the “decomposePar” command and the mpirun command “mpirun -np 9 interFoam –parallel”.

Do you have an idea where the problem is or how I can narrow it down?
Thanks much for any help.