This is a benchmarking project for the next couple of months because we're building our GPU system at the moment. Right now I'm using HPL 2.0 from the site on our CPU only cluster. I have the CUDA version from Nvidia downloaded for when our system is running though. I just need to have a pretty good idea of how to run the benchmark with GPUs because we would like to get into the Top 500. But the main purpose of the system is for running research jobs, so we can't spend too much time trying to figure out how to run HPL. I just thought that the GPUs needed to be specified through the hostfile of mpirun, but I guess I'm wrong. Since this isn't really an openmpi question, do you know of any knowledge bases about HPL on GPUs?

On 12/12/2011 03:00 PM, Andreas Schäfer wrote:
On 14:53 Mon 12 Dec     , Erin Rasmussen wrote:
I have HPL working fine with openmpi using multiple nodes, but now
I'm trying to use it on our system with multiple nodes with CPUs and
So this is an inquiry related to hpl, not Open MPI. Anyways, which
version of HPL are you using and how would you specify the GPU to use
sans MPI?


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