I'm working with a cluster that has both CPUs and GPUs, and I'm trying to run the High Performance Linpack benchmark on it. Before I can do a full system run, I have to figure out how to get the benchmark to run on both GPUs and CPUs at the same time. I have HPL working fine with openmpi using multiple nodes, but now I'm trying to use it on our system with multiple nodes with CPUs and GPUs.

On 12/12/2011 02:49 PM, Andreas Schäfer wrote:
Hi Erin,

uhm, I don't think this is related to MPI as MPI is completely
orthogonal to GPU programming. MPI doesn't even know about GPUs. Just
select the GPU like you weren't using MPI at all.


On 14:44 Mon 12 Dec     , Erin Rasmussen wrote:
I have multiple GPUs on a node in my cluster and am trying to run some 
benchmarks on the system. However, since my department is in research 
and has a job system set up, I can only take one GPU offline to test 
until I are sure I know what I are doing. My problem is trying to set up 
the mpirun command to specify a single GPU. I understand how to use 
mpirun to run programs on specific processors on different nodes, but 
the GPUs show up as devices and not processors. How do I set up my 
mpirun command to use a specific GPU, or is that even possible?
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