I’m getting this message below which is observing correctly that /tmp is NFS-mounted.   But there is no other directory which has user or group write permissions.  So I think I’m kind of stuck, and it sounds like a serious issue.


Before I ask the administrators to change their image, i.e. mount this partition under /work instead of /tmp, I’d like to ask if anyone is using OpenMPI on a state-less cluster, and are there any gotchas with regards to performance of OpenMPI, i.e. like handling of /tmp, that one would need to know?


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WARNING: Open MPI will create a shared memory backing file in a

directory that appears to be mounted on a network filesystem.

Creating the shared memory backup file on a network file system, such

as NFS or Lustre is not recommended -- it may cause excessive network

traffic to your file servers and/or cause shared memory traffic in

Open MPI to be much slower than expected.


You may want to check your compute nodes, what the typical temporari

directory: node.  Possible sources of the location of this temporary

directory include the $TEMPDIR, $TEMP, and $TMP environment variables.


Note, too, that system administrators can set a list of filesystems

where Open MPI is disallowed from creating temporary files by settings

the MCA parameter "orte_no_session_dir".


Local host: e8332

File Name:  /tmp/159313.1.e8300/openmpi-sessions-bloscel@e8332_0/53301/1/shared_mem_pool.e8332