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On 10/26/2011 10:44 AM, Ralph Castain wrote:
Did the version you are running get installed in /usr? Sounds like you are picking up a different version when running a command - i.e., that your PATH is finding a different installation than the one in /usr.

On Oct 26, 2011, at 3:11 AM, Patrick Begou wrote:

I need to change system wide how OpenMPI launch the jobs on the nodes of my cluster.

export OMPI_MCA_plm_rsh_agent=oarsh

works fine but I would like this config to be the default with OpenMPI. I've read several threads (discussions, FAQ) about this but none of the provided solutions seams to work.

I have two files:

In these files I've set various flavor of the syntax (only one at a time, and the same in each file of course!):
test 1) plm_rsh_agent = oarsh
test 2) pls_rsh_agent = oarsh
test 3) orte_rsh_agent = oarsh

But each time when I run "ompi_info --param plm rsh" I get:
MCA plm: parameter "plm_rsh_agent" (current value: "ssh : rsh", data source: default value, synonyms:
                 The command used to launch executables on remote nodes (typically either "ssh" or "rsh")

With the exported variable it works fine.
Any suggestion ?

The rpm package of my linux Rocks Cluster provides:
  Package: Open MPI root@build-x86-64 Distribution
  Open MPI: 1.4.3
  Open MPI SVN revision: r23834
  Open MPI release date: Oct 05, 2010



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