Not a direct answer to your question, but have you tried using Eclipse with the Parallel Platform Tools installed?


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Subject: [OMPI users] Visual debugging on the cluster


Hello Community,

I have been struggling with visual debugging on cluster machines. So far, I tried to work around the problem, or total avoid it, but no more.

I have three machines on the cluster: a.s1.s2, b.s1.s2 and c.s1.s2. I do not have admin privileges on any of these machines.

Now, I want to run a visual debugger on all of these machines, and have the windows come up.

13. Can I run GUI applications with Open MPI?

Yes, but it will depend on your local setup and may require additional setup.

In short: you will need to have X forwarding enabled from the remote processes to the display where you want output to appear. In a secure environment, you can simply allow all X requests to be shown on the target display and set the DISPLAY environment variable in all MPI process' environments to the target display, perhaps something like this:

shell$ hostname
shell$ xhost +
shell$ mpirun -np 4 -x a.out

However, this technique is not generally suitable for unsecure environments (because it allows anyone to read and write to your display). A slightly more secure way is to only allow X connections from the nodes where your application will be running:

shell$ hostname
shell$ xhost +compute1 +compute2 +compute3 +compute4
compute1 being added to access control list
compute2 being added to access control list
compute3 being added to access control list
compute4 being added to access control list
shell$ mpirun -np 4 -x a.out

(assuming that the four nodes you are running on are compute1 through compute4).

Other methods are available, but they involve sophisticated X forwarding through mpirun and are generally more complicated than desirable.

This still gives me "Error: Can't open display:" problem.

My mpirun shell script contains:

mpirun-1.4.3 -hostfile hostfile -np 3 -v -nooversubscribe --rankfile rankfile.txt --report-bindings  -timestamp-output ./

where rankfile and hostfile contain a.s1.s2, b.s1.s2 and c.s1.s2, and are proper.

The file ./

echo "Running xeyes on `hostname`"
exit 0

I see that my xauth list output already contains entries like:

a.s1.s2/unix:12  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  aa16a9573f42224d760c7bb618b48a6f
a.s1.s2/unix:10  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  0fb6fe3c2e35676136c8642412fb5809
a.s1.s2/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  a3a65970b5f545bc750e3520a4e3b872

I seem to have run out of ideas now.

However, this works prefectly on any of the machines
a.s1.s2, b.s1.s2 or c.s1.s2:

(for example, running from a.s1.s2):

ssh b.s1.s2 xeyes

Can someone help?


Devendra Rai


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This usually means that you have a Open MPI version mismatch between some of your nodes.  Meaning: on some nodes, you're finding version X.Y.Z of Open MPI by default, but on other nodes, you're finding version A.B.C.

On Oct 21, 2011, at 7:00 AM, devendra rai wrote:

> Hello Community,
> I have been struggling with this error for quite some time:
> It looks like MPI_INIT failed for some reason; your parallel process is
> likely to abort.  There are many reasons that a parallel process can
> fail during MPI_INIT; some of which are due to configuration or environment
> problems.  This failure appears to be an internal failure; here's some
> additional information (which may only be relevant to an Open MPI
> developer):
>  orte_grpcomm_modex failed
>  --> Returned "Data unpack would read past end of buffer" (-26) instead of "Success" (0)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> mpirun has exited due to process rank 1 with PID 18945 on
> node exiting without calling "finalize". This may
> have caused other processes in the application to be
> terminated by signals sent by mpirun (as reported here).
> I am running this on a cluster and this has started happening only after a recent rebuild of openmpi-1.4.3. Interestingly, I have the same version of openmpi on my PC, and the same application works fine.
> I have looked into this error on the web, but there is very little discussion, on the causes, or how to correct it. I asked the admin to attempt a re-install of openmpi, but I am not sure whether this will solve the problem.
> Can some one please help?
> Thanks a lot.
> Best,
> Devendra Rai
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