My bad - I thought you were talking about the 1.5 series :-(

orte_rsh_agent does not exist in the 1.4 series. Check "ompi_info --param plm rsh" and you'll see that it isn't there.

So plm_rsh_agent is picking up your request. The other cmd line blissfully ignores the orte_rsh_agent param.

On Sep 13, 2011, at 10:36 AM, Blosch, Edwin L wrote:

Ralph, Reuti,
There are no typos, except in my post itself where I clipped out a few arguments.
I just repeated the exercise this morning, exactly like this:
<path>/bin/mpirun --machinefile mpihosts.dat –np 16 –mca orte_rsh_agent /usr/bin/rsh –x MPI_ENVIRONMENT=1 ./test_setup
It prompts for a password.
Then I hit the “up” arrow key to bring the command back, and I type over “orte” and replace with “plm”:
<path>/bin/mpirun --machinefile mpihosts.dat –np 16 –mca plm_rsh_agent /usr/bin/rsh –x MPI_ENVIRONMENT=1 ./test_setup
This time it does not prompt for a password.
I can reverse the order, it doesn’t change the behavior:  the “orte” one prompts for a password but the “plm” one doesn’t.
They must not be wholly identical, somehow.  This is OpenMPI 1.4.3.
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The two are synonyms for each other - they resolve to the identical variable, so there isn't anything different about them.
Not sure what the issue might be, but I would check for a typo - we don't check that mca params are spelled correctly, nor do we check for params that don't exist (e.g., because you spelled it wrong).
On Sep 12, 2011, at 3:03 PM, Blosch, Edwin L wrote:

I have a hello world program that runs without prompting for password with plm_rsh_agent but not with orte_rsh_agent, I mean it runs but only after prompting for a password:
<path>/bin/mpirun --machinefile mpihosts.dat -np 16 -mca plm_rsh_agent /usr/bin/rsh ./test_setup
Hello from process            2
Hello from process            5
Hello from process           12
Hello from process            6

Hello from process            0

Hello from process            4
Hello from process            3
Hello from process            7
Hello from process           14
Hello from process            8
Hello from process            1
Hello from process            9
Hello from process     &n bsp;     10
Hello from process           11
Hello from process           13
Hello from process           15
<path>bin/mpirun --machinefile mpihosts.dat -np 16 -mca orte_rsh_agent /usr/bin/rsh./test_setup
bloscel@f8312's password:        
I didn’t notice anything about this in the FAQ except that orte_rsh_agent is newer than plm_rsh_agent.  Did I miss some critical piece of information?  Why do these options behave differently?


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