Hi Fabien,

The GCC build under MinGW is not supported in Open MPI 1.4.3. The initial support is now in trunk, but needs more test.

Actually, you may also try building 1.4.3 with Visual Studio Express with Fortran bindings for gfortran. Just configure the solution for Visual Studio, and specify the fortran compiler full path and name in variable CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER.

Please try it out. It worked for me before.


On 2011-08-30 11:45 PM, Fabien wrote:



I’m trying to compile Open-MPI 1.4.3 using {MinGW;CMake} on a Vista-32-Bits. I’m interested in running in parallel a fortran program (compiled with C:\MINGW\bin\gfortran.exe )

I’m aware that a binary package has been released but – unfortunately – it has been configured with the Intel compiler (ifort).


So, I configured and generated solution with MinGW makefiles and Native compilers.

Then compiling the generated solutions with mingw32-make leads to the following errors :

1/ config.h is requested in …openmpi-1.4.3\opal\event but not found.

ð  Solved by adding config.h from …openmpi-1.4.3\opal\event\WIN32-Code

2/ Then : error: redefinition of `struct timezone' … error: conflicting types for 'gettimeofday' … error: conflicting types for 'gettimeofday'

ð  Any idea would be more than welcome.

I’m aware that it has been addressed before in http://www.open-mpi.org/community/lists/users/2009/06/9622.php.


3/ I also tried to try mingw32-gcc/g++/gfortran.exe compilers. Without success.

4/ I also tried with Visual Studio 2010 without success. I only have Visual Studio C++ Express…

ð  Will I be able to build mpif90/mpif77/orterun/mpirun with these Visual Studio makefiles coupled with MinGW compilers?


Thanks for your attention & Best regards,


Fabien Decung


Configurations & Tools :

-          Open-MPI : 1.4.3

-          MinGW : latest stable (08/2011), using GCC 4.5.2 & C:\MINGW\bin has correctly been updated in PATH.

-          CMake : 2.8.3


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