Hi Clinton,

Just wondering if anyone can point me to the detailed information on how to setup multiple nodes and network them together to use OpenMPI. Also what is the proper way to specify which nodes to run on. I wish to use OpenMPI on the Windows XP or Windows Server 2008 platform, with Intel Fortran 11 as the programming language.

If you use Windows XP, you have to specify --host or --hostfile option in the command line. see mpirun --help for more details. On Windows server 2008, you can also specify the node names through the Job Monitor GUI.

I have searched Google and also looked through the OpenMPI website but there does not seem to be any comprehensive documents to run OpenMPI on Windows, especially setting up the nodes.

For working on multiple nodes on Windows XP, the only thing you have to make sure is that the WMI is able to launch process remotely, which referred to the two MSDN links in the WINDOWS.TXT file. Other then this, no other special setting is necessary, just install one pre-compiled installer, it will configure the environment automatically for you.

Many years ago, I played a bit with Mpich and LAM MPI on a purely Linux platform. On Linux clusters, it is easy – the head node see each of the compute nodes. As I remember, the programmer need to only write the names of the compute nodes in some sort of config file. The job is submitted and based on the compute nodes listed, the mpi will run on them.
On Windows, what kind of networking is needed to tie the nodes together? (assuming we are not using any of the MS HPC Pack or Compute Cluster). How do we specify which nodes to use? How do we specify any security or group permissions for the nodes?
You should have at least TCP connections among the nodes. I don't understand what security and group permissions stands for here.



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