On 7/15/2011 1:46 PM, Paul Kapinos wrote:
Hi OpenMPI volks (and Oracle/Sun experts),

we have a problem with Sun's MPI (Cluster Tools 8.2.x) on a part of our cluster. In the part of the cluster where LDAP is activated, the mpiexec  does not try to spawn tasks on remote nodes at all, but exits with an error message alike below. If 'strace -f' the mpiexec, no exec of "ssh" can be found at all. Wondering, mpiexec tries to look into /etc/passwd (where user is not in, because using LDAP!).

Note this is an area that should be no different than from stock Open MPI.
I would suspect that the message might be coming from ssh.  I wouldn't suspect mpiexec would be looking into /etc/passwd at all, why would it need to.  It should just be using ssh.  Can you manually ssh to the same node?
On the old part of the cluster, where NIS is used as the autentification method, Sun MPI runs very fine.

So, is Suns MPI compatible with LDAP autotentification method at all?

In as far as whatever launcher you use is compatible with LDAP.
Best wishes,


P.S. in both parts if the cluster, me (login marked as xxxxx here) can login to any node by ssh without need to type the password.

The user (xxxxx) is unknown to the system (i.e. there is no corresponding
entry in the password file). Please contact your system administrator
for a fix.
[cluster-beta.rz.RWTH-Aachen.DE:31535] [[57885,0],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Fatal in file plm_rsh_module.c at line 1058

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