When building the nasa overflow 2.0aa code with openmpi 1.1.1b3 using the intel compilers on a Opteron cluster running
SLES 9 with the intel 9 compilers, I get the following warnings when linking :

/acct/bsb3227/openmpi_1.1.1b3/bin/mpif90 -xW -O2 -convert big_endian -align all
-o overmpi_intel90_64_2.0aa_openmpi111b3 modules/*.o chimera/*.o grid/*.o linear
/*.o unix/*.o utilities/*.o omisoft/adaptq/*.o omisoft/brick/*.o omisoft/collisi
on/*.o omisoft/dcfcrt/*.o omisoft/errest/*.o omisoft/global/*.o omisoft/gmp/*.o
omisoft/groupr/*.o omisoft/invmap/*.o omisoft/sixdof/*.o ns/bc/*.o ns/control/*.
o ns/euler/*.o ns/fomo/*.o ns/mg/*.o ns/smoothing/*.o ns/source/*.o ns/step/*.o
ns/turbulence/*.o ns/utilities/*.o ns/viscous/*.o ke/bc/*.o ke/convection/*.o ke
/diffusion/*.o ke/source/*.o ke/step/*.o ke/turbulence/*.o ke/utilities/*.o ret/
bc/*.o ret/convection/*.o ret/diffusion/*.o ret/source/*.o ret/step/*.o ret/turb
ulence/*.o ret/utilities/*.o sce/bc/*.o sce/convection/*.o sce/smoothing/*.o sce
/step/*.o sce/utilities/*.o -i-static

ld: Warning: size of symbol `mpi_fortran_argv_null_' changed from 1 in chimera/d
iscmo.o to 16 in /home/bsb3227/openmpi_1.1.1b3/lib/libmpi.a(test_constants_f.o)
ld: Warning: size of symbol `mpi_fortran_argvs_null_' changed from 4 in chimera/
discmo.o to 16 in /home/bsb3227/openmpi_1.1.1b3/lib/libmpi.a(test_constants_f.o)
ld: Warning: size of symbol `mpi_fortran_status_ignore_' changed from 20 in chim
era/discmo.o to 16 in /home/bsb3227/openmpi_1.1.1b3/lib/libmpi.a(test_constants_
ld: Warning: size of symbol `mpi_fortran_errcodes_ignore_' changed from 4 in chi
mera/discmo.o to 16 in /home/bsb3227/openmpi_1.1.1b3/lib/libmpi.a(test_constants

in mpif-common.h there are some common block definitions :


These names are apparently conflicting with the names in the static library.

Hope this gives you enough to go on. 

Thanx to the open-mpi team for the improvements that keep coming with newer releases of the product.

Bernie Borenstein
The Boeing Company