I'm currently trying to build OpenMPI v. 1.4.3 from source, in VS2008.  Platform is Win7, SP1 installed ( I realize that this is possibly not an ideal approach as v. 1.5.3 has installers for Windows binaries.  However for compatibility with other programs I need to use v. 1.4.3 if at all possible;  also as I have many other libraries build under VS2008, I need to use the VS2008 compiler if at all possible).


Following the README.WINDOWS file I found, I used CMake to build a Windows .sln file.  I accepted the default CMake settings, with the exception that I only created a Release build of OpenMPI.  Upon my first attempt to build the solution, I got an error about a missing file stdint.h.  I was able to fix this by including the stdint.h from VS2010.  However I now get new errors referencing




__asm__ __volatile__("": : :"memory")


These look to me like linux-specific problems -- is it even possible to do what I'm attempting, or are the code bases and compiler fundamentally at odds here?  If it is possible can you explain where my error lies?


Thanks for your help,


Alan Nichols