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The error message means that Open MPI couldn't allocate any compute node. It might because the headnode wasn't discovered. You could try with option "-mca orte_headnode_name HEADNODE_NAME" in the mpirun command line (mpirun --help will show how to use it) .

And Jeff is also right, special care should be taken for the executable paths, and it's better to use UNC path.

To clarify the path issue, if you just copy the OMPI dir to another computer, there might also be another problem that OMPI couldn't load the registry entries, as the registry entries were set during the installation phase on the specific computer. In 1.5.3, a overall env "OPENMPI_HOME" will do the work.


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On May 11, 2011, at 5:50 AM, Ralph Castain wrote:

>> Clarification: I installed pre-built OpenMPI_v1.5.3-x64 on Windows 7
>> and copied this directory into Windows Server 2008.

Did you copy OMPI to the same directory tree that you built it?

OMPI hard-codes some directory names when it builds, and it expects to find that directory structure when it runs.  If you build OMPI with a --prefix of /foo, but then move it to /bar, various things may not work (like finding help messages, etc.) unless you set the OMPI/OPAL environment variables that tell OMPI where the files are actually located.

Jeff Squyres
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