Dear all,

I tried to configure open MPI on a Win XP sp2 64 bit system, but I met an error ’entry point not found’ when I run the executable file, I really hope you can give me some help. I list what I did when I run my program in the following parts;

1, I downloaded the OpenMPI_v1.5.3-2_win64.exe and installed it successfully;

2, I added the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenMPI_v1.5.3-x64\bin’ into the paths of user variables and system variables under environmental variables page of my computer properties;

3, I used the VS 2005 and Intel visual Fortran10.1 to compile my code under win x64 (in fact I tried to do it under win 32, I found a lot of unsolved external links), and I generated the executable file correctly;

4, I use command window to run it in this way: ‘mpirun –n 4  **.exe ‘,then I met the error: ‘entry point not found: the procedure entry point inet_pton could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll’

I really appreciate any advice from you.

Have a good day,

Zhangping Wei