We have added clusters with different interconnects and decided to build one OPENMPI 1.4.3 version to handle all the possible interconnects

and run everywhere.  I have two questions about this :


1 – is there a way for Openmpi to print out the interconnect it selected to use at run time?  I am asking for an option similar to the –prot argument in hpmpi/platform mpi to print the interconnect selected.  If this is not implemented, I would like to suggest it as an enhancement.


2 – I have built Openmpi to allow tcp, mx, gm and ib.  When running on a tcp only cluster and specifying –mca btl tcp,sm,self, I get errors like this

[erb426:08967] Error in mx_init (error No MX device entry in /dev.)


Since I am calling out the interconnect to use, why would I be getting an error like this?? 


Bernie Borenstein

The Boeing Company