Dave what version of Grid Engine are you using?
The plm checks for the following env-var's to determine if you are running Grid Engine.

If these are not there during the session that mpirun is executed then it will resort to ssh.


On 03/21/2011 08:24 AM, Dave Love wrote:
I've just tried 1.5.3 under SGE with tight integration, which seems to
be broken.  I built and ran in the same way as for 1.4.{1,3}, which
works, and ompi_info reports the same gridengine parameters for 1.5 as
for 1.4.

The symptoms are that it reports a failure to communicate using ssh,
whereas it should be using the SGE builtin method via qrsh.

There doesn't seem to be a relevant bug report, but before I
investigate, has anyone else succeeded/failed with it, or have any

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