I am a newbie to openmpi and I am having some trouble running openmpi programs.
I downloaded and installed the latest version from the web site (openmpi-1.4.3) and the whole process completed successfully. Both ./configure and make all install commands were successful. I am able to compile open-mpi codes (using mpicc and mpiCC) as I did with the example files provided within the source package, but I have a problem when it comes to actually running the executable created. For example, when I tried to run the "hello world" program using: mpirun -np 2 ./hello_c I got the following output:

hello_c: error while loading shared libraries: libopen-rte.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

(I did find the libopen-rte.so.0 file in the /usr/local/lib/ folder)
I have tried re-installing but this doesn't seem to work.
I use Linux Mandriva 2007 with the bash shell. The attached compressed folder contains the config.log file and the output from the ompi_info --all command (ompi_info.out), and below is the value of the $PATH environment variable


Thanks in advance for your help.