Dear all,



I want to use infiniband, I am from a University in the US, my University’s high performance center don’t have Gcc compiled openmpi that support infiniband, so I want to compile myself.

But I have a few questions,


1.      Is it ok to compile openmpi myself with infiniband support, if I don’t have the root privilege? Is it going to work?

2.      If it is ok, how can I find out where is the infiniband installation directory, any shell command to show it?

3.      Which configuration is correct? For example, using “--with-openib=/usr/include/infiniband” as told in openmpi FAQ, or I need to use "--with-openib=/usr/include/infiniband --with-openib-libdir=/usr/lib64" both?

Thanks so much.



Daniel Wei


University of Notre Dame