About this issue, for which I got NO feedback ;-) I recently spotted
into btl_openib.c code, that this error message could come from
some missing ConnectX HCA ibv_resize_cq function. Well ...

 I was unable yet to figure out why/how this could occur, but I have
a now a closely related question about ConnectX Infiniband HCA :
does anybody know which other unimplemented IB functionalities
could be lacking for this ConnectX HCA ?

 This could allow me to patch appropriately by hand the OpenMPI code,
since I currently believe these functionalities are going
undetected as missing by the configure step.

 Thanks,    Best,    G.

Le 15 déc. 10 à 08:59, Gilbert Grosdidier a écrit :


Running with OpenMPI 1.4.3 on an SGI Altix cluster with 2048 cores, I got
this error message on all cores, right at startup :

btl_openib.c:211:adjust_cq] cannot resize completion queue, error: 12

What could be the culprit please ?
Is there a workaround ?
What parameter is to be tuned ?

Thanks in advance for any help,    Best,    G.