On 11/16/2010 12:13 PM, Chris Jewell wrote:
On 16 Nov 2010, at 14:26, Terry Dontje wrote:
In the original case of 7 nodes and processes if we do -binding pe linear:2, and add the -bind-to-core to mpirun  I'd actually expect 6 of the nodes processes bind to one core and the 7th node with 2 processes to have each of those processes bound to different cores on the same machine.

Can we get a full output of such a run with -report-bindings turned on.  I think we should find out that things actually are happening correctly except for the fact that the 6 of the nodes have 2 cores allocated but only one is being bound to by a process.
Sure.   Here's the stderr of a job submitted to my cluster with 'qsub -pe mpi 8 -binding linear:2 myScript.com'  where myScript.com runs 'mpirun -mca ras_gridengine_verbose 100 --report-bindings ./unterm':

[exec4:17384] System has detected external process binding to cores 0022
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: JOB_ID: 59352
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: PE_HOSTFILE: /usr/sge/default/spool/exec4/active_jobs/59352.1/pe_hostfile
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec4.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=2
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec2.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec7.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec3.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec6.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec1.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1
[exec4:17384] ras:gridengine: exec5.cluster.stats.local: PE_HOSTFILE shows slots=1

Is that all that came out?  I would have expected a some output from each process after the orted forked the processes but before the exec of unterm.


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