Sorry, I am still trying to grok all your email as what the problem you are trying to solve.  So is the issue is trying to have two jobs having processes on the same node be able to bind there processes on different resources.  Like core 1 for the first job and core 2 and 3 for the 2nd job?


On 11/15/2010 09:29 AM, Chris Jewell wrote:

If, indeed, it is not possible currently to implement this type of core-binding in tightly integrated OpenMPI/GE, then a solution might lie in a custom script run in the parallel environment's 'start proc args'. This script would have to find out which slots are allocated where on the cluster, and write an OpenMPI rankfile. 
Exactly this should work. 

If you use "binding_instance" "pe" and reformat the information in the $PE_HOSTFILE to a "rankfile", it should work to get the desired allocation. Maybe you can share the script with this list once you got it working. 

As far as I can see, that's not going to work.  This is because, exactly like "binding_instance" "set", for -binding pe linear:n you get n cores bound per node.  This is easily verifiable by using a long job and examining the pe_hostfile.  For example, I submit a job with:

$ qsub -pe mpi 8 -binding pe linear:1

and my pe_hostfile looks like:

exec6.cluster.stats.local 2 batch.q@exec6.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec1.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec1.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec7.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec7.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec5.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec5.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec4.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec4.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec3.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec3.cluster.stats.local 0,1
exec2.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec2.cluster.stats.local 0,1

Notice that, because I have specified the -binding pe linear:1, each execution node binds processes for the job_id to one core.  If I have -binding pe linear:2, I get:

exec6.cluster.stats.local 2 batch.q@exec6.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec1.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec1.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec7.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec7.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec4.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec4.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec3.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec3.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec2.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec2.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2
exec5.cluster.stats.local 1 batch.q@exec5.cluster.stats.local 0,1:0,2

So the pe_hostfile still doesn't give an accurate representation of the binding allocation for use by OpenMPI.  Question: is there a system file or command that I could use to check which processors are "occupied"?


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