Can you provide a little more information?
What exactly are you trying to mpirun across multiple nodes?  Is it an MPI application or a non-MPI application?  For example, can you mpirun "hostname" (i.e., the Unix hostname utility) across multiple nodes successfully?
If you're trying to mpirun a user application, what application is it?  Can you mpirun a trivial MPI application (e.g., hello world) successfully?

From: [] On Behalf Of shen T.T.
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 11:01 AM
Subject: [OMPI users] rsh/ssh is work but mpirun hang ?

I have installed the openmpi -1.0.2 on the Fedora Core5 operating system. I use the Intel Fortran compiler. I can rsh/ssh  to the other processor in our cluster( 2 PC's , 4cores). I can mpirun on a processor itself successfully. When i mpirun on  2 PC's, after entering the password, the program will be hung!  
Does anyone encounter this problem?How do i check and fix it?
Thanks in advance 

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