Sorry for late reply.

At moment, CMake build with MinGW is not supported yet.

For the undefined reference problem, if you use VS to compile your source code,  you probably have to add libmpi_cxx.lib, libmpi.lib, libopen-pal.lib and libopen-rte.lib into the project linker properties (don't forget to set the "Additional Library Directories" to the installed OMPI lib path), and then also add "OMPI_IMPORTS, OPAL_IMPORTS, ORTE_IMPORTS" into preprocessor definitions.

For the detailed compiler options used by Open MPI, you could run "mpicxx --showme" or "mpicc --showme".

Hope this will solve the problem.


On 2010-10-22 10:01 AM, 邵思睿 wrote:
Hello, I'm using OpenMPI with VTK (Visualization Toolkit) now on Windows Vista, and here are some problems occured during installation.
OpenMPI 1.5: Error during CMake, no matter using MinGW32 or VS2005 as compiler
OpenMPI 1.4.3:
1 Building with VS2005 is OK, but when I used MinGW v3.81 (I had chosen MinGW in CMake and then used mingw32-make to build) it reported error at the very beginning (0%) of make progress
2 When I tried to build VTK with OM, it reported 'undefined reference to 'MPI::Comm::Comm()', ''undefined reference to 'MPI::Win::Free()' and 'undefined reference to 'MPI::Datatype::Free()'
So could I get some help? Thanks!

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