Hi Kalin,

Sorry for the late reply.

I checked the code and got confused. (I'm not and MPI expert)  I'm just wondering how to start the server and client in the same mpirun command while the client needs a hand-input port name, which is given by the server at runtime.

I found a similar program on the Internet (see attached), that works well on my Windows. In this program, the generated port name will be send among the processes by MPI_Send.


On 2010-10-13 11:09 PM, Kalin Kanov wrote:
Hi there,

I am trying to create a client/server application with OpenMPI, which has been installed on a Windows machine, by following the instruction (with CMake) in the README.WINDOWS file in the OpenMPI distribution (version 1.4.2). I have ran other test application that compile file under the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt. However I get the following errors on the server side when accepting a new client that is trying to connect:

[Lazar:02716] [[47880,1],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Not found in file ..\..\orte\mca\grp
comm\base\grpcomm_base_allgather.c at line 222
[Lazar:02716] [[47880,1],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Not found in file ..\..\orte\mca\grp
comm\basic\grpcomm_basic_module.c at line 530
[Lazar:02716] [[47880,1],0] ORTE_ERROR_LOG: Not found in file ..\..\ompi\mca\dpm
\orte\dpm_orte.c at line 363
[Lazar:2716] *** An error occurred in MPI_Comm_accept
[Lazar:2716] *** on communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD
[Lazar:2716] *** MPI_ERR_INTERN: internal error
[Lazar:2716] *** MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL (your MPI job will now abort)
mpirun has exited due to process rank 0 with PID 476 on
node Lazar exiting without calling "finalize". This may
have caused other processes in the application to be
terminated by signals sent by mpirun (as reported here).

The server and client code is attached. I have straggled with this problem for quite a while, so please let me know what the issue might be. I have looked at the archives and the FAQ, and the only thing similar that I have found had to do with different version of OpenMPI installed, but I only have one version, and I believe it is the one being used.

Thank you,
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