I checked the thread with the same title as this e-mail and tried compiling openmpi-1.1b4r10418 with:

./configure CFLAGS="-mv8plus" CXXFLAGS="-mv8plus" FFLAGS="-mv8plus" FCFLAGS="-mv8plus" --prefix=$HOME/openmpi-SUN-`uname -r` --enable-pretty-print-stacktrace

but I keep getting:

*** Assembler

checking for BSD-compatible nm... /usr/ccs/bin/nm -p

checking for fgrep... fgrep

checking whether to enable smp locks... yes

checking directive for setting text section... .text

checking directive for exporting symbols... .globl

checking for objdump... no

checking if .note.GNU-stack is needed... no

checking suffix for labels... :

checking prefix for global symbol labels...

checking prefix for lsym labels... .L

checking prefix for function in .type... #

checking if .size is needed... yes

checking if .align directive takes logarithmic value... no

checking if have Sparc v8+/v9 support... no

configure: WARNING: Sparc v8 target is not supported in this release of Open MPI.

configure: WARNING: You must specify the target architecture v8plus

configure: WARNING: (cc: -xarch=v8plus, gcc: -mv8plus) for CFLAGS, CCXXFLAGS,

configure: WARNING: FFLAGS, and FCFLAGS to compile Open MPI in32 bit mode on

configure: WARNING: Sparc processors

configure: error: Can not continue.

Is Sparc support put aside for the moment or am-I doing something wrong?



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